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ohhhhh hello there...

....guess who is back----- updates to come!

BIrthday wishes

3 for 3

Once again, this never gets old, I got into my #1 choice for law school. I found out, again, through an email before the acceptance letters came. But, I'm beyond thrilled! 

Now, if only my Rangers can run very deep into the playoffs before I can't watch them for the next four years!

*giggles* Imagine, me an attorney? 

2 down

... I got my second acceptance (again via a whack off the beat e-mail!) into St. John's. I know, I know, the first one is the most exciting but lord am I on an adrenaline rush right now!

On an aside, the email thing. I found out about Hofstra through an e-mail about Accepted and Honors Student days..and then got the mail package three days later. This time with SJ I found out through a Housing e-mail.

Kids, I'm dying over here. Just as pleased as a peach. I want to say a big thanks to all because your a big reason for my success!



Got into my first law school.


Ok I know I've been MIA..but lots of work and this school thing..

...I'm sitting at my desk, shaking, crying and just really effing proud of myself.


***forgot this part***

*scored a 156 which put me in the 68th percentile...so that kicked ass and took names
**I got AN EFFING SCHOLARSHIP to the first law school- Hofstra in Long Island..so while that could mean either A-a long commute or B moving to Long Island..I am just more psyched than anything to have gottten one acceptance..out of the way, so to speak.
Seriously, at one point my dad and I were on the phone and he was saying how I had to find me and it took me awhile. That I had to put myself together and now I worked on me, I can work on attaining my dreams.

In the slightly nervous side of me---my number 1 choice asked for my Community College records--when I was a Communications major and still struggling heavy with depression and anxiety. ..once they pulled those grades in (which DID NOT count for my degree) it pulled my GPA..so a little nervous on that front.

**still LOVE YOU ALL***

rightio The owner at Dunkin Donuts called me ma'am today. I was a little horrified as he is in his late 30's and I'm only 25...ma'am, seriously? I like miss. Hell, I think we should call even the older (like 75) miss, it makes a girls day. But ma'am? Seriously? 

Watched Grey's last night and was hoping it would be just as good and low and behold, it was! It's taken me a bit to catch up, but alas, I love my show all over again.

So, today is one of the attorneys last days. He's been the first person since I've been here that has been let go. (aka fired for effing everything up and not caring). As one knows who reads this blog, I have had issues with the girls I work with. Yet, I did go out with them last week for drinks. A little more background, this attorney who is leaving is getting married in two weeks. The girls are all invited and all the people going out tonight (the younger associates) are invited, but I'm not invited to the wedding. Even though with their classy attitude (insert sarcasm here) they talk about the wedding I'm not invited to non-stop. Don't get me wrong, I'm not offended or hurt by this in the least. Quite frankly his office is the one I'm going to be going for if/when I graduate law school. He also is everything I can't stand in that he's lazy, he doesn't care about the opportunities our bosses have given him, he makes my life harder in that he bills for something and I wind up doing it all over again and can't bill for it. So, no, I'm not offended. I just think it's a little rude for them to KNOW I wasn't invited and talk about it in front of me. I digress, though. 

The girls planned for everyone to go out for drinks tonight for his last day. They planned this three days ago. They were talking about it at lunch yesterday and almost like 'crap, does she have to come' told me everyone was going. It wasn't necessarily an invite but a 'I guess since your at the table we'll tell you'. 

NOW, my thing is, I don't particularly want to go. This weekend is my birthday weekend and tomorrow night is my fun little gathering in the city. The Rangers play the Islanders again and that's a pretty awesome game to watch on daddo's new tv. So I'm thinking, of no, I'm not going and dealing with all the petty bull shit and quite frankly, besides one or two of the associates, I don't particularly care about anyone of them. Let alone want to spend my time with them.

However, would I look like bitch o' the year if I didn't go?

I just want it to be Saturday when I can be with the people who I REALLY REALLY adore....ya know?

Well it's Monday. That about sums everything up, so perfectly. 

It's also Monday, September 10th, which makes tomorrow an anniversary. I've written before about the effect 9/11 has had on my life and yet it seems each year the impact doesn't lessen. Instead of fear for my father's life, these past few years, I've worried about good friends fighting a war, even the people I don't know fighting a war I question. I decided to be more pro-active this year and donated money to The Yellow Ribbon Fund, I found out a little bit about this foundation through the Colbert Report and decided it was a more than deserving cause.
So, instead of talking about how scary it was, pondering what's next, or anything just negative, I'm going to try and have a positive 11th. Every day with my father is a gift. For the sixth year since 9/11/01 over 50 survivors will be at my house celebrating life, each other and the freedom and liberty we are granted by our troops work in the past and present. It's a pretty special day each year and there isn't one person you talk to who isn't grateful for the smallest things in life. While one day scared and scarred me more than another, it made me stronger. It made my appreciation of the small things stronger.
For that I will be eternally grateful.  


If you've followed the Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon..immediately go get this book, sit down and enjoy:

Devil May Cry. Seriously, it's thus far my FAVORITE of the series and that's saying ALOT.