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Well it's Monday. That about sums everything up, so perfectly. 

It's also Monday, September 10th, which makes tomorrow an anniversary. I've written before about the effect 9/11 has had on my life and yet it seems each year the impact doesn't lessen. Instead of fear for my father's life, these past few years, I've worried about good friends fighting a war, even the people I don't know fighting a war I question. I decided to be more pro-active this year and donated money to The Yellow Ribbon Fund, I found out a little bit about this foundation through the Colbert Report and decided it was a more than deserving cause.
So, instead of talking about how scary it was, pondering what's next, or anything just negative, I'm going to try and have a positive 11th. Every day with my father is a gift. For the sixth year since 9/11/01 over 50 survivors will be at my house celebrating life, each other and the freedom and liberty we are granted by our troops work in the past and present. It's a pretty special day each year and there isn't one person you talk to who isn't grateful for the smallest things in life. While one day scared and scarred me more than another, it made me stronger. It made my appreciation of the small things stronger.
For that I will be eternally grateful.  


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Sep. 10th, 2007 04:51 pm (UTC)
love you too!
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