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Well, this weekend was pretty dull, which for once, was a blessing.

Friday night with the cousins was alot of fun. It was great just catching up and having a laugh and a pint. We all agreed we def. need to do little things like that more often. We stayed out relatively later than usual, but it was well worth it.

Yesterday I finally watched 'Four Brothers' per babyomlet, and I will say it was ok, the youngest brother was def. a hottie and just good eye candy, but overall, I don't think I could repeat watch as Ms. Amy did.
I also had 'Extras' which I had never seen before. Hilarious, just hilarious! I have now added The Office, the English version.

Today is pretty dull and the weather is crappy so I'm puddling along online.

As for the boy situation...well, this week I just didnt pay attention to any. It was a boo-tee-full thing.

This post was pretty pointless, but sometimes these kind of posts remind me to just breathe.

One of my guilty pleasure shows is back with new episodes, My Boys, on TBS, love it! So, I think the new episode is on tonight. Mucho happy about that.


Pointless post over.

yep...a little late with this :(

I'm a litle late, but, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY


floods, rain and too much water in NYC

Guh. Nor'Easters sucketh. I couldn't get into work yesterday, thus I had to take one of the few personal days I get because literally every road leading to work was closed. This morning it took me 2 hours to get in! I don't like rain!

After spending a quite weekend with friends and fam, and then dealing with the nonsense of some of my girl "friends" , I literally read their e-mails as they poor in, or listen as they go on and on and wonder-- was I ever this freaking annoying (I'm sure I was), was I ever this depressing to listen to (I'm sure I was).. honestly,  I want to shake some of them and say 'Honey, we all have bad days but making a big fuss over something small is just plain stupid'.


Instead of half full, I'm surrounded by these depressing people who are overwhelming siding with the half empty side of the glass. I put into perspective my life to theirs, things they have had to deal wtih and still, I'm not getting it. I think it's totally a-ok to be Debbie the Downer every once in a while, but the good lord save me, every freaking day, over every little thing? 

Ok. 'nough of that.

Colette is having her graduation party the night of graduation. Our ceremony is at 1 p.m. on Friday, May 18. Her party is at 8 p.m. that night. My problems- 1) the party is right by where I work, and near school.--not a fun bar. 2) I am going out with mucho amounts of family and friends to lunch after the graduation and then heading back home with select members of family, friends and *Win* for champagne and just go me time. So now I have to reply to her party -no. I know I shouldn't feel bad, but I sort of do. I was talking with Win about this, asking if maybe I should show-up and he advised in a much more evil tone that she just wasn't worth it and that my day means more to me for so many different reasons and since she's poo-poo'ing the whole thing why would I just go to just go. He's def. not a happy camper after the way she's treated me thus far.

I am doing a night in the city, just getting a crazy ass suite and staying in or going to a bar/club very near by. Relaxed--just like I like it. I got my vacation approval and I will be heading to the Cape and jolly o' England this summer. Def. looking forward to that. 

I better get back to work, but before I do, while Win was here over Easter. We went out, down in my old neighborhood. Colette got introduced, as we incidentally ran into her. I go to the bathroom and no joke, she's all over him like white on rice. Un beknownst to her when we've gone there in the past I've made friends with the bartenders..who were more than happy to fill me in on exactly what she said to Win--that I was pathetic and that he could do so much better. He looked down at her (she's short) and said 'You do realize that everything that comes out of your mouth is pure rubbish and quite frankly looking at you and your torrid idea of an attractive outfit, is making me feel bloody well sick'. Yes, he is the man when it comes to being so properly English and so mean at the same time. She now calls him an asshole. I think he's even dreamier than before--am I horrible for that?

PS Rangers play tonight--keep your fingers crossed!

they should have a pill for....

So.... little misses who I occasionally go out with have their panties in a twist. Alas, I realize--who the eff cares?
I really did want to go out tonight if only to run into the 'boy' again, with no confirmation that he would actually be there. But, alas, no one is willing to go out tonight. Colette is going out with a different group of friends and has been acting MORE than strange towards me for a bit. Sarah wants to go out with her other friends up by her.
And being of right mind, I refuse to go by myself. Alas, I may never see the 'boy' again.
I hate liking a boy I barely know. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.
I wish there was a drug to take it allll away. All the BS panty twisters and the dumb boy who won't leave my freakin' mind!


I don't like BS, nor do I like people who live to talk BS. I don't like fake people. I don't like fake emotions. 

That being said, I've come to the scary realization that some people I've or still do call friends are just plain ol' shady 

I don't appreciate being treated like I'm something different inside work and totally different outside work.

That being said, I've come to the realization that I've lost a lot of faith in the people around me.

I hate doubting myself. I hate feeling like I've done something to cause certain behaviors.

That being said--what the hell is wrong with people? How can anyone expect to keep friends if they act so bi-polar (no offense to any one person who suffers from the condition, just trying to make a point). There are days, including this one, where I just want to rip my hair out.

There is a certain point that a person can be pushed before a backlash..and my friends, I'm teetering on the edge for the past couple of days and it isn't pretty.


Shannon's Interview of me

1. I know that you have family in Ireland - were you born there, or here? And how did your immediate family end up in the U.S.?
Myself and both of my parents are American born. However, my dad lived in Ireland for 3 years while he was younger. He would have lived their the rest of his life but his older brother got sick and the whole family headed back to the Bronx. My uncle moved over there after serving in Nam, and we have about a million cousins and second and third cousins over there. My grandmother moved back and lived there until she died. because of my grandmother I was eligible for dual citizenship so I took it due to land left to me by family. We own a pretty large amount of acres and I spent almost every summer in Ireland for

2. What is your fondest memory from your childhood?
You know there are so many when I think about it, so I'll go with the three that are the MOST memorable:
1. Being 4 years old in Washington DC and walking up to the Lincoln Memorial singing "Lincoln, Lincoln, I've been thinking, what the heck have you been drinking..." etc. Def. still gets laughs now
2.  On one of the properties back in Ireland we rented out a hay barn and we used to play in the hay for hours making names for the tunnels, etc. It's something I'll never forget
3. Sitting with my dad and outside on the roof, of all places, looking at the sky and him telling me I could go farther than the stars, I could do anything I wanted. that in reality the world was lucky to have me.
    Probably, a HUGE penthouse somewhere in the downtown NY...but if I was just going for relaxation, probably the East Coast somewhere right on the water with beautiful views and amazing space to decorate :)
Want to be interviewed? Just  leave a comment.

3. What is your most heartfelt wish for your future?
    Just to be healthy- I really really dream of the day where I don't have to worry ALL that much about panic attacks and cysts, etc. That I can be ok, just being me.

4. What do you think is the most unique characteristic about you - what makes you YOU?
    Good question, Sherlock. My most unique characteristic is that I do everything 100%, I love 100%, I give 100% and I try 100%. I think the best way to describe me is something of a contradiction. Consistent positives (I'm confident and smart) with consistent negatives (I'm insecure and question my decisions) but I love the people around me with an unconditional love that I think they feel and I always try to find the good in the bad.

5. If you could afford to live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


very girly post

So I have about $200 worth of gift certificates to burn for Sephora..

and I'm wondering everyone's recommendations for:

Super good mascara?
good foundation (do any of you use primer--is it worth buying?)

etc... beauty tips girls, beauty tips.

My one solid gold thing-must be in my bag is Philosophy's lip gloss of Melon Martini--fabulous.

Advise the litlte lost one...someone..please?

and so

So. The rest of the weekend was ok. I went out with Colette on Saturday night back in the neighborhood I miss so much! And we had an OK time. She's a little obsessive over having guys around constantly and I'm much more laid back and like to chat with the bartenders...who I got to know while I was living there (and some new cute ones too). Ran into one guy I met weeks back who took my number then didn't call and got the glory of him noticing I'd lost weight and was looking good. Had the glory of walking away from him and then chatting it up with the cute bartender, but still, Colette and the need for boyz constantly is a bit--desperate and too much, ya know? Where the hell are all the relaxed people? The one's who fit the bill in my life are taken..so I rephrase--the relaxed single people? My word!
Dr.'s appointments a plenty this week and next. They found another two cysts and they are testing everything under the sun because they 'can't understand how I'm not losing weight at a quicker pace when the working out is FAR increased and my eating habits are close to perfect'. So that's fun. Then I had to sit down with my 'head' doctor who actually made me cry..because she was stating that it seems I haven't come to terms with the effects PCOS has had on my life. So, I looked up a few natural vitamins I can take that should help with that and hope (crosses fingers) that it helps, if only a little.
Work is on a steady flow but dull. and The Rangers are losing left and right--except for Saturday which was AMAZING.
FYI-boy never called, texted or wrote on the myspace...so ce la vie, I say.
School starts next week and then the countdown ala graduation begins---finally!
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